As Proud As Can Be

I love synchronistic events, especially when they are as sweet as this one was. I was debating whether or not I really needed to stop in the grocery store on my way home from the beach the other morning. Yes won the vote. I wanted to grab a chai at the instore Starbuck’s first but it was way too crowded, so picked up the few items I needed and on my way out, the line had gotten a little shorter. Well, I found myself in line with about 7 other thirsty customers. Next to me stood a woman with a beautiful smile on her face, texting on her phone. At one point, she looked up and bazinga, our conversation began! Her name was Julie.

She was communicating with her daughter who had just given birth to her first son the day before, making Julie a grandma for the first time! I could see, feel, and hear her absolute delight and gratitude. I believe she referred to her state as walking on cloud 9! I was thrilled that I decided to get in that line! Her joy was contagious and I felt fabulous all the way back home and then some! We exchanged contact info and I hope to be getting updates on this precious being that has joined us in this world! Congratulations to you, Julie, and your newly expanded family.

Hanging out in the Starbuck’s line listening to Julie describe her bliss was a huge Bright Spot for me that day! Thank you, Julie!