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Life’s journeys gift us with endless opportunities to learn and grow and choose. Our experiences and the experiences of those we meet create a story that teaches us about ourselves more than anything else. We can express our gratitude for these precious gifts by learning to love our life, growing into our true nature, and choosing joy above all else!

Journey Across the Smiles paperback and ebook cover background with rainbow dandelion

Journey Across the Smiles

What started as a solo adventure to see as many waterfalls around the country as possible, quickly and unexpectedly became a mission to discover the joy in the lives of everyone she met. Talking with people in laundromats, ice cream lines, restaurants, and everywhere else she went, she was amazed that these perfect strangers were quite willing to share things about their lives that made them smile.  

Journey Across the Smiles is the adventure of delightful real-life experiences that you need to spur your craving to experience a life filled with joy and gratitude. It’s always your choice! Seize each moment with a fresh perspective! It works for the author, it worked for the storytellers and it will work for you!

Judi Ronco
Judi Ronco

Judi thrives on a lifestyle of adventure and choice! As an author, mom, teacher, photographer, wife, traveler, life coach and friend, she enjoys the opportunities to be her best self and encourage others to discover their personal power to create a life worth “writing home about.”

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