Living life with great fervor!

Judi in gray and black shirt

Judi specializes in the upliftment of the human spirit and passionately guides others to seek the best in themselves and take risks that are likely to enrich the quality of their lives. What she teaches is what she herself has learned. She delights in her roles as an author, certified life coach, workshop facilitator, freelance photographer, retired special needs teacher, friend, sister, loving wife, proud parent of three adult children, and most recently beach-walker!

There were a couple of decades of her life when she was deeply and often negatively affected by the simplest disappointments. Drama seemed to spot her a mile away from a young age and latch onto her spirit like a leech, leaving her feeling helpless about her circumstances and hiding her sadness behind a well-crafted smile. Through trial and error, courses and books on self-empowerment and the support of a few dear mentors, an ocean of tears, self-imposed victim mentality, and pure exhaustion began to dissolve into a spectacular adventure of self-discovery and a life-altering change of course. A new woman willing to take responsibility for her thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions emerged and for the past 25 years, she has continued to become the grandest version of herself with each day. The smile you see today is blissfully authentic and she shares it unabashedly!

Judi loves to experiment with life outside the box. Her solo adventure traveling back and forth across the United States for over three years gives testimony to her desire to try new things in new ways. Simply inviting perfect strangers to share something good in their world and basking in their joy with them turned out to be a win-win surprise of feeling great for everyone involved. This led to a connection with people that she didn’t anticipate, and became the driving force behind her book, Journey Across the Smiles.


Throughout my life, writing has been a passion of mine. I fell in love with the written word at about age 13 when I began to journal my daily activities and feelings. Since then, I have written nearly 100 poems, a couple dozen short stories including several children’s stories, a novella, articles, ezines and hundreds of blog posts. I have come to see myself as a storyteller. Putting words to paper and screen invigorates me. My first published work, in 2008, was a guidebook titled Your Wish is My Command, written to help people understand and work with the Law of Attraction (revised edition coming next year). I am thrilled about my newest book, Journey Across the Smiles! If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, you can do so on Amazon.

Life Coach

Being a life coach is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Watching the light in the eyes of a client begin to glow or hearing words of self-respect literally jump off their lips when the realization that they can choose to make their life delightfully unprecedented brings me immense joy!  Recognizing it is THEM and not me or anyone or thing that provides the power to create positive results brings my clients immense joy. It’s a transformation like none other!