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As Proud As Can Be

I love synchronistic events, especially when they are as sweet as this one was. I was debating whether or not I really needed to stop in the grocery store on my way home from the beach the other morning. Yes won the vote. I wanted to grab a chai at the instore Starbuck’s first but […]

Happy 4th of July

Freedom comes to mind when I think about this holiday. There are probably as many concepts of freedom as there are minds that can think. I would like to address a particular kind of freedom here…the freedom from our own limited thinking. To me, the opposite of freedom is bondage. Our thoughts and feelings dictate […]

Do You Agree?

“Choosing to be soft when life is hard is an art.” “Life does not have to be perfect for love to be extraordinary.” “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” – Bob Marley