Bright Spot at Nicole’s Hair Chair Salon

My daughter runs her own hair salon in Maryland at Salontra Selects in the White Marsh Mall. I drove a couple hours from Delaware to get my hair cut…absolutely worth it, always! There I was introduced to Charles, Concierge Extraordinaire. WOW! What an exuberant, down-to-earth, grateful man he was! You see, my daughter, Nicole has been selling my book from her salon. Charles bought one and LOVED it so much , he told Nicole he had to call me. She let him know that would not be necessary because I was coming in town to get my hair cut! He was thrilled. When I arrived, he came into her salon with all the body language of a kid on Christmas morning, seeing the vey thing he wanted. I was so taken aback by his sincere appreciation for me and my book. He even showed me all the yellow highlighted areas throughout his copy.

Then he said, “Judi, I have a Bright Spot for you…I sure do.” He went on the share his synchronistic story. Here are the series of events according to Charles:

1- his girlfriend encouraged him (strongly) to take the position as concierge at the suites where she has her salon

2- upon taking the plunge, he met Nicole, whom he adores

3- while chatting with Nicole, he noticed my book and Nicole told him it was written by me, her Mom

4- he bought one immediately, read it, and fell in love with it from beginning to end

5- he wanted so much to meet me and then suddenly there I was on a day and time that he was working

His genuine almost childlike response to my book was so heartwarming. If he said, “I just want you to know I appreciate you” once, he said it a hundred times. His request was to get a picture taken with he and I and his book. Request granted and the love and joy in the room was palpable.

This was, indeed, a Bright Spot for him, but a huge a one for ME. He was living proof that my dream of reaching people with my book’s message is definitely coming to fruition. Just his beautiful smile as he shared his feelings about how my book has impacted his life, made me smile from the inside out.

Charles, thank you so much for your delightful presence in this world. Keep spreading that feel-good attitude with everyone you meet.